Yoga Tips : Yoga Poses for Sinus Congestion

Yoga Tips : Yoga Poses for Sinus Congestion

Yoga practice can relieve sinus congestion. Discover poses to alleviate sinus pressure with instruction from an experienced registered yoga instructor in thi…
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10 Responses to “Yoga Tips : Yoga Poses for Sinus Congestion”

  1. Bill Compton? I didn’t know that vampires had sinus problems…

  2. Sorry, but I’ve seen this and other yoga vids advising inverted poses for
    sinus problems, and they don’t work for a heavy sinus infection. Once it’s
    already hit, many people can’t even invert without extreme pain, and it
    just congests the nasal passages more. Good for prevention, maybe. For
    infection, try single nostril breathing, and seated poses that tilt your
    head to the side, not the front. Vibrations from mantra can be soothing
    too. And start with the neti pot before infection!

  3. namastey, u look so sweet…

  4. i have sinus problem n frequently i use to get common cold

  5. I was just diagnosed with a sinus infection on Tuesday! This video is
    perfect… 🙂 Thanks for sharing! TheAbStand*net

  6. when i bent both nostrils got blocked but when i arose the nostril that was
    previously blocked opened up and the open one got blocked.

  7. Just watching these inversions makes my infected sinuses feel like

  8. I love yoga. I dont care what you look for you there is a yoga for (fill in
    the blank)

  9. Did a loose butterfly seated position version (6 min.) of this in yoga the
    other day when I had the beginnings of a sinus headache, & it was gone
    after doing this position. Now the headache is back, & medication isn’t
    helping (typical). Tried it standing up for a few minutes & felt two pops
    in my left ear, followed by continued popping on both sides after I sat up.
    I get frequent sinus headaches, but they never progress to sinus infections

  10. good one