Yoga postures to reduce stress

Lifetime Fitness instructor Annie Hussman shares his top 5 poses for stress reduction. More yoga related content.

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  3. Dan, have you ever experienced a kind of crisis do yoga?

  4. lean your yoga instructor and say, “IMA show you where the wild goose goes!”.

  5. Just cam back to this video ….. epic man! I do every day now 🙂

  6. Thank you, you ROCK! Go GENERATOR OF LIFE

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  8. I really diging it 🙂

  9. this guy is awesome def do this with you haha

  10. Hey Dan, you forgot one thing, GET EARTH! It looked like the perfect place to enjoy the energy of the ground with a combination of yoga

  11. Fantastic, thank you for teaching us so well liferegenerator

  12. I enjoyed it, just wish it was quieter … lol without all the “guys” But it was perfect for a beginner, in just 10 minutes!

  13. It was a really cool video. i enjoyed it thank you. ^ _ ^

  14. dan your hella cool man …… I did all pumped to go riding after these stretches …. thank you for what you do homie …….

  15. its,,, really relaxing … i love it .. I hope I can apply in my daily life .. it is very suitable for those who did’nt passavoir how to manage it out …

  16. Your passion for life and good vibs yoga caused a slight amount of stimulation and blood flow near the end I vois.Juste deep thought.

  17. Hi, I do not understand your question … what do you mean by you can not “get” all my videos? As to tell me exactly what you see or do not see … how can you even know that you’re missing some videos if you can not “get” them?

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  19. Dan, you rock my world … 🙂

  20. great shape! loved the vid

  21. Dan your awesome .. Love you yoga pose … I love yoga … Dan thank you for showing us your pose …

  22. Thank you for sharing dan. Im going to start incorporating some of these pieces in my workouts.

  23. you remind me coach survivor. good stuff

  24. Great video, Dan 🙂 **

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