Yoga movements with Alan Finger, tone and wind down



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  1. Doris J. Patton October 18, 2012 at 7:27 am
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     5.0 out of 5 stars Fun and inspire , November 16, 2010
    Doris J . Patton (Phoenix, AZ) –

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    This review is from: Yoga Moves with Alan Finger, tone and Wind Down (DVD)

    I started this band back in the eighties, and have been used. Alan Finger is warm, funny, and a little chauvanistic great yoga teacher. My normally tight and tense muscles melt like butter and flexible as easily by following his instructions. “Enlightenment is not serious” became my mantra, because I take that seriously. The beautiful people he employs his students in this video inspires me to always want to practice yoga. I’ve seen other yoga videos and DVDs, even the most recent by Alan, but this, by far, my favorite will always do.

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  2. 3.0 out of 5 stars entire collection! , July 10, 2010

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    This review is from: Yoga Moves with Alan Finger, tone and Wind Down (DVD)

    I do not think I would be part of the VHS 1983 for any price, just because it makes me laugh. As it was my first yoga video, my voice Alan Finger permanently tattooed on my brain as he says happily: “Remember, enlightenment is not serious,” and “Do not get too comfortable, you have another leg. “Music is really awful background music as well from this time – it is very electronic and very boring. Stryker Rod fans will get a kick out of this video as it appears here as a young simple.
    The scenery is very nice because it runs from the beach Japanese gardens in the workshop that looks like a disco joint and it could have been. The landscape is likely more important for male viewers who could spend more time watching video (for reasons I’ll mention below) that exercise with it. This workout an hour may not be for the true beginner could harm themselves to the full bridge or camel – and I remember, I did – but some of the explanations of certain movements are very good, and very few Sanskrit terminology is used.
    You will find this video is funny (if you have a sense of humor) or disgusting (if you do not), because it could be produced by Hugh Hefner. I guess it was Alan Finger before it became respectable? women are young, cutthroat, and scantily clad. ago a woman and a man (Stryker) who are not dressed in a sequence salulation Sun memory as they are a bit in the shade. When I started using this DVD, I have not noticed this scene because I was going to try to run the sequence, but my children picked on him the first time they walked in the room for part of the routine! This video is obviously produced before sexual harassment suits began to multiply, because finger revolves around happily hitting girls ass. The video ends with a colorful scene related to the chakras meditation that resembles a scene from a movie drug since the sixties
    Whatever you can say about this video, it is not boring,. It is a snapshot of the early 80’s all wrapped up in a yoga routine fairly complete.

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