Yoga for obese people?

question Jewels : Yoga for obese people I have a relative who weighs about 400 lbs +. She is in pain 24/7, and is constantly depressed to death. Because of her pain, she can not do anything but sit or lie … she was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease. It is difficult to live with because she is stressed, she always argumentative and quarrel. But she is 70 years old, so I can not walk. I know she still has plenty of life left in it, I see it from time to time. When she was hospitalized a few years ago, she has lost over 100 pounds, so it was a different person. She was not in much pain and she was happy. Now she can not exercise because she can barely move, and is frustrated because she will not try. (Stubborn)! Does anyone know of any yoga moves that I can help you teach him that the mental pain and physical pain? If she feels she can do, she will try. I gave him some breathing exercises now, but this is not enough, I can not get it out of his stress.Et if you really do not want to help maybe you should just stay tranquille.Meilleure response:

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hey if you really want an answer maybe you should try to ask once and not 5 + times!

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  1. Yoga works great for stress. Maybe it’s different for some people, but it depends on its development. Ask him started on the very basic yoga movements, such as the lotus position, which is just the cross-legged sitting, ask him to breathe, and the most important is to have a clear all the garbage in his mind , tell him to think about his condition, but concentrate on your breathing. So it will be like a meditation session. Then begin to defend what is called the mountain pose. Then go start going to other movements such as cats, dogs down, warrior pose, tree pose, cobra, Sun salutation These movements are only basic, not great flexibility and everybody im pretty sure can do these same sound. Just ask him to focus on the movements and breathing it all the time. Focusing on breathing actually helps to go further down the road and get a better stretch out of it. However, yoga can not help you lose much weight, if thats its purpose and the cause of his depression. She would have to do cardiovascular exercise and dieting. If that’s his goal, ask him to walk, u know, light exercise, and focus on a healthy diet. I’m not exactly a dietician, but my advice is more fruit, more vegetables, sweets, little (it is ok to treat from time to time), and no fatty foods (hamburgers, meat chopped, etc.) But yoga is a great help to get some stress out even if it does only for 20-30 minutes. For me, every time I do yoga after, I felt like my whole body and mind is restarted. Stress is all in the mind and the self-induced to give him a little motivation and tell him to empty his mind of all the garbage and do his best on the movements of yoga .. Hope that helps!

  2. This sounds like a terrible situation for both you and elle.L obesity requires you to be careful with the poses you choose. Some movements are simply impossible when you are that big. Sun salutations one of those mentioned above are not really going to work when you are £ 400 +. I would get a DVD that is specifically designed for obese people to help you find idées.Comme YogaFit Plus Or one of them: other option would be to get a private instructor come to your home to teach him, so that the installation can be adjusted to just the level of strength and mobilité.Le yoga can help relieve stress levels and depression, but it is not a magic pill. If you are his movement, however, you have made a big step! Good for you not to leave. I wish you the best chances.Permettez me know how DVDs are if you choose to go this route.