Yoga??!!! For dieting?!!!?

Question by : Yoga??!!! For dieting?!!!?
Okay so here’s the problem I am on a diet and I want to try yoga, I will learn some moves on YouTube (easier) but what is the exact concept, ? In morning? Or night? What temprature?

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Answer by JanetH1212
Yoga helps your body to be in balance, it’s a slow moving stretching and muscle strengthening activity that is great for better health. Better health, stronger muscles, balanced body means that you will be more effective with your metabolism and have better success doing your diet goals. It’s good to do in the morning to help you have more energy and peace and it’s good to do at night to help you relax and have more effective sleep, which is rejuvenating. A hot temperature makes it easier with your joints and ligaments, but a warm temperature is fine. You’ve made an awesome choice 🙂

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