Yoga for Beginners – Episode 117 with Dr Melissa West This gentle yoga class is designed with the beginner in mind but will be appreciated by practitioners of all levels. The class begins with breath and body awareness mindfulness meditation. Simple stretches open up the muscles at the fronts of the legs. Gentle backbends open up the chest. This is a great class to counter the endless hours we spend sitting in chairs. Yoga poses gently open up the fronts of your hips and strengthen up your upper back so you can come out of that rounded posture and sit up taller. Enjoy!

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19 Responses to “Yoga for Beginners – Episode 117 with Dr Melissa West”

  1. Hi Marietta, it is refreshing to´╗┐ come back to basics once and a while to clear our minds and bodies isn’t it? Squeezed Yoga clothing is wonderful. Donna is VERY happy! She sells a lot of clothes because of Namaste Yoga. ­čÖé

  2. Marietta Chilton November 25, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    How very appropriate that I should take this class today, after having been away for a few days. As I said before, I love coming back to basic; it always teaches you something new. The exercises were very relaxing and, at the end of the class, my muscles were conditioned to continue where I’d left off. The yoga outfits are lovely and they look comfortable. I hope´╗┐ that the company that you model for, will get the outcome they are looking for. Namaste!

  3. great session. thank´╗┐ you!

  4. swadefoxx I just´╗┐ checked and you are subscribed to receive new episodes

  5. Hello.I tried to subscribe but I am´╗┐ unable to do so. Is there a block on subscribers ?

  6. TheVulgarDisplay November 25, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    hello there, you´╗┐ make those new leggings look good btw =)

  7. ur so´╗┐ hot

  8. TheVulgarDisplay November 25, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    hello there Ms.West, can´╗┐ i ask you something?

  9. corina anneliesse November 25, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    thanks´╗┐ :))

  10. This´╗┐ is not yoga she is just stretching

  11. Ook, I have a small question. I am for the first time looking for info on yoga and have decided to at least give it a try, I have this ‘change things already’ plan in my head. Yet, I want to ask if I should learn a few beginner poses and practice them for a few weeks, then change them with something more complex, or try something different´╗┐ every few days?.. Ok, it may sound as a dumb question, but I can’t go to visit an instructor anywhere around soo yeah ^_^’

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  13. thanks Tara, your videos are awesome, and everything you show and I repeat´╗┐ really helps my wellbeing. I am still at the beginner level, but I enjoy opening so much!

  14. ahggg´╗┐ it hurt me!!!

  15. This is one of my favorite videos of yours Tara. Its nice to come back to the basics and focus on breathing,´╗┐ which is easy for me to forget. Are you still planning on doing online training for us non NYers? I hope so!

  16. vice versa when you inhale you should feel your breath expanding the stomach and when you´╗┐ exhale you feel breath leaving that space!

  17. Now when I inhale should I pull in my stomach and exhale expand my stomach as I breathed or´╗┐ vice versa?. I know there are different ways of breathing while exercising.

  18. stop fooling around and finish painting´╗┐ that wall

  19. that was´╗┐ wonderful