Yoga for anxiety / stress / PMS with Yin Yoga


div style =” float: left; margin: 5px; “>  YOGA is ANXIETY / STRESS / PMS with Yin Yoga

yoga teacher and mother of two children Allannah law demonstrates a breathing technique to help calm and relax When You can not take these hormones more! Suitable for all mothers and preggies. For my DVDs go to: http Video: 5/5

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  3. God thank you, im a guy .. our solution is much more simple ….. run the fuck away.

  4. thank u so much

  5. Hi, try to see how you go. It will reduce the heart rate and thus slow breathing and anxiety. Try also feel your weight on your feet when you stand up. Anxiety brings energy to the upper body (neck head, shoulders) – dropping your weight will instantly bring you ease.

  6. thank you …. I have no anxiety ocd too, maybe I can try to say … thank u