Yoga applications to take your practice on the road

New Yoga applications to take your practice on the road Touch the carpet everywhere you travel (or home) with the application Pocket Yoga. This application provides an all-purpose image glossary poses and three different types of practices. For each practice, you can choose from beginner, intermediate and … Read more on
Beginner Guide to Starting a yoga Practice The ideal carpet: you take a cheap carpet on the fly, but if you have decided to make yoga a part of your routine workout, you may want to invest in a yoga mat better. A more expensive carpet can make your practice safer, more comfortable … Learn more about

Passive Thai yoga , your path to a healthy lifestyle It is good have a workout routine, and even better if you follow it religiously, but a routine, but innovative, you can run out of steam in a short time. Introducing … She said, “My classes are open to people of all fitness levels, whether … Read more on

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