Free Yoga here… – The emphasis in this yoga hatha class is on asanas involving twisting postures and movements. Twists release tension in the spine and increase shoulder and hip mobility, thus help to create structural balance. Twists stretch and open back muscles, and in this way are great for relieving backaches. Twists rejuvenate and revitalize internal organs and glands, keeping these important systems of the body healthy and balanced. Yoga Postures include: Navasana , Sukhasana.

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  1. HU Eckankar, is it really only Eckankar? it beyond Faith just Love, The sound Hu is not a Cult In response to many videos saying Hu is a cult, I don’t know much about Eckankar, but I just like to sing Hu, i dont believe this is a cult, its a sound.. i think maybe buying all of the books of Eckankar and following them around is a cult, and I notice they dont allow open comments on any of their videos..

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