Women are uncomfortable with women in the yoga class?

question by mike9626 : Are women more uncomfortable with men in her yoga class I am considering a beginner yoga class, and I wonder if women are uncomfortable with men in the class is. I’m in pretty good shape already (at least I thought), has been raising, heart for 2 years, but I recently tried one of these 30 minutes of yoga training on TV, and it’s a damn workout. So I thought I’d try it Best answer:.

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so what you lose.

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2 Responses to “Women are uncomfortable with women in the yoga class?”

  1. The men in my yoga classes are always very respectful and cool. I think it is natural for all people to check each other. I plan in the classrooms, where it seems like the guys have been trying way too hard and show. I did not stay there long, haha! That’s not what yoga is about for me. I suggest beginners classes to try out in a few different studios and then selecting the one you feel most comfortable feel. Good luck! Namaste!

  2. It depends on the lady if she a shy type confident type ist.einige ladies flirt even yoga classes.