Will the Wii Fit plus be a good workout if I already work out on a regular basis?

Question by E. Nigma: Will the Wii Fit plus be a good workout if I already work out on a regular basis?
My fiance and I already workout on a regular basis but we are getting tired of the cardio machines at the gym and it’s getting too cold outside to jog. Is the Wii Fit going to provide sweat pouring workouts or is it more of a beginner deal? Thanks!

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Answer by joycee<3
its really good it tells you what to do on the wii fit and how to lose weight & plus you can get abs if you do this daily .. im getting a wii ..

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  1. I’d tend to say it’s a good introduction, but as you are already used to working out you may find it a little basic. A far better solution could be “My Fitness Coach”, to get the most from it you’ll need a swiss ball, step, and hand weights/dumbbells.

    So while Wii Fit (plus) is great, I think you’ll be happier with something a little more challenging. Oh and avoid EA Sports active, it’s frankly atrocious!

  2. Not sweat poring at all. Still fun…wii fit plus now counts calories lost.

  3. I think if you workout on regular basis it is good enough. Wii Fit Plus is more for women, to have fun and workout at the same time.

  4. sanitystrksback October 24, 2013 at 5:20 am

    The Wii Fit Plus definitely offers a great workout – much better than what you would have had with the first version of Wii Fit. The new version is easier to customize so that you can create a continuous workout without stopping between activities to fiddle with the menu and get to the next activity. There are tons of tracking tools, fun exercises, balance activities, and great new yoga workouts, too.

    I personally find that it gives as good a workout as any other routine, regardless of whether or not you already workout regularly. After all, it’s your effort that counts – not the game itself.

    If you do get a Wii Fit Plus I would definitely recommend looking into some of the extra Wii Fit accessories available now. You might want to get a Balance Board mat to make sure your balance board doesn’t slide, a Wii Fit yoga mat, or extra battery packs (which are great to have handy if you really get into using the Wii Fit frequently).