when did you start getting a bigger appetite? Reviews

Question by love my son<3: when did you start getting a bigger appetite?
im just now 12 weeks.
before this, i had frequent “pregnancy all day sickness” and was turned off by foods.

now im more hungry. something similar to PMS hungry 🙂
and im also showing a small belly. is this normal or am i “before schedule”

(im just very nervous about gaining to much. i do an hour of prenatal yoga every day and do plenty of walking.. i just dont want my appetite to alter all of that).
i started my pregnancy at 130 lb.

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Answer by Suzanna
I never did. I just eat normally actually, and still gain weight.

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  1. My appetite hasnt gotten bigger… just my cravings… for chocolate… I found it easier to eat more when my belly started to show more… 5 months…hehe. Its great to have an excuse to be fat… for awhile 😉

  2. 5 weeks in and i started eating enough for me and my partner.. i am scared to i have talked to him about my butt and his told me hell love me no matter what… so what.,.. i care/… i dont want a huge ass actually i am more scared about my tummy… ahhh i think regular long walks.. lots of water???

  3. corbin's mommy :) January 30, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    With my first one I had an appetite the whole time (which is probably why I gained 50 pounds!).

    This time I have no appetite. It has gotten a little bit better now that I don’t feel as sick.

    Just make sure you are getting the calories you need. You need 300 extra calories per day in addition to the 2000 you should already be getting. Protein is really important right now. Calcium is also vital.

    Just remind yourself to eat regularly, your appetite will likely increase in your second trimester.

    Good Luck!

  4. roughly 20 weeks I started eating more.