Whats the difference between yoga and pilates?

Question by uncreative: Whats the difference between yoga and pilates?
And which one is more likely to tone my tummy?
also, im EXTREMELY inflexible. Which one would help that?

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Answer by Chrystal
Yoga is about uniting your mind, body and soul. It’s almost like therapy, where you learn how to use your bodies own strength to push itself into different position along with breathing to ease your mind. You do only stretches.

Pilate’s is more of an exercise that lengthens and strengthens using your core as the main base and dance movements. You can either do floor routines or use machines (which are super expensive).

I’ve done both and if you’re looking for a tummy toner, then Pilate’s is your best bet. It’s a great workout that helps tone you up and builds long lean muscles, which is just beautiful.

Personally, I enjoy yoga because I enjoy pushing my body into being more flexible. If you want you can do both. It would actually be very beneficial do so. Try going to best buy and finding yoga for beginners and Mary Winsors Pilate’s ( both tapes I LOVE).

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  1. Yoga is for your body/mind/spirit well-being. It will tone and shape your entire body… Pilates targets specific areas of your body and its newer than yoga. For flexibility and body shape go with yoga. This later has more benefits than just shaping your body.
    Here is a great free yoga e-course, with many good tips and exercises: