what yoga excersizes cant you do while pregnant?

Question by lizgas: what yoga excersizes cant you do while pregnant?
I have started taking yoga. I am 5 month and 1 week. I like the yoga class its just that its a regular yoga class held at the gym i go to. i have informed the instructor i am preggo and she tells me what stuff i can and cant go as the class is moving along. Although she tells me its ok to lay on my back. Is it ok? I do at nights sometimes, not intentionally but sometimes when i go to the bathroom i wake up and i am on my back.She does these positions when back is on the floor and legs are a little up in the air, i dont like doing them because my stomach is now a little heavy and i feel like i can be straining myself. I dont know whether i should keep going to the class or just buy a prenatal yoga dvd. I like the class experience, but sometimes i just dont like the movements. I wonder if anybody knows of any sites that show yoga movements for pregnant people for free.

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Answer by trainer53
I teach yoga/pilates and would not be comfortable with you in my class, too many positions that would bother you, and put stress on the baby.
Type into your search engine: Prenatal Yoga DVDs and you’ll get a bunch of them to choose from.
Good for you for being aware of this, if it feels uncomfortable, it usually is!

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  1. I should have a PhD in preggo – I ‘ve had 5 kids since 06/97! Nope, no lying on your back to exercise; it compresses blood vessels that deliver nutrients to you and your baby b/c of the increased weight in your belly. (If you find yourself on your back in the middle of the night don’t panic, just roll onto your side. The left side is the one most O.B.’s say is best)

    The prenatal dvd’s are pretty good, but check your local YMCA. Most have a prenatal exercise class for expectant mom’s and even meet after to do exercises with baby so you can lose the baby weight, hang out with other new moms, and still have your baby right there with you!

  2. Don’t lay on your back if you can help it. You will hinder blood flow to your baby. If you end up on your back while sleeping, don’t worry though. I always ended up on my back and both my kids turned out just fine.

    Just please don’t exercise on your back though. I hate to say it, but generally gym yoga instructors are not necessarily as trained in the practice as real yoga instructors. If your yoga instructor is telling you it’s ok for you to lie on your back, go find another class. She definitely is not knowledgeable about yoga for pregnant women. Try a prenatal class at your local yoga studio.