What yoga excersizes cant you do while pregnant? Reviews

Question by lizgas: What yoga excersizes cant you do while pregnant?
I have started taking yoga. I am 5 month and 1 week. I like the yoga class its just that its a regular yoga class held at the gym i go to. i have informed the instructor i am preggo and she tells me what stuff i can and cant go as the class is moving along. Although she tells me its ok to lay on my back. Is it ok? I do at nights sometimes, not intentionally but sometimes when i go to the bathroom i wake up and i am on my back.She does these positions when back is on the floor and legs are a little up in the air, i dont like doing them because my stomach is now a little heavy and i feel like i can be straining myself. I dont know whether i should keep going to the class or just buy a prenatal yoga dvd. I like the class experience, but sometimes i just dont like the movements. I wonder if anybody knows of any sites that show yoga movements for pregnant people for free.

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they look great! cant wait to try them myself!

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  1. I was doing yoga right up until my 7th month. I stopped going because the class was conflicting with my schedule, but I really loved going to the class. If you’re unsure whether a specific pose can be hurting you or your baby, ask the instructor before you do it. Mine told me what I could and could not do (it also helped that mine has 2 children and that she actually did yoga throughout her entire pregnancies). I’d recommend that you keep going. I got a Prenatal Yoga video that’s supposed to be good, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it. I got lazy after I stopped going to class. So my advice: Keep going!