What should I wear to a hot yoga class? Reviews

Question by Kelly Kapowski: What should I wear to a hot yoga class?
I’m going to do some hot yoga classes for the first time and I hear you sweat like a maniac. I easily get heat exhaustion so I need to know what I should wear so I don’t “die” lolz

Suggestions on different clothing options?

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Answer by BetheOne
well ,it is pretty much tights and an aerobics looking top. bring a towel, maybe two yoga mats, water.
I don’t do the hot class but I do participate in Ashtanga Yoga which is similarly hard. After working out all these years, in this class i sweat in places I have never sweat before. It definitely sculpts your body.

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  1. Breathable cotton. under armor-type stuff, breathable tights, spandex shorts, a sport bra, and a tank top. You want to wear more form fitted clothing so that nothing rides up when you invert. Although completely optional, some women do wear 1-piece bathing suits to class, and some men wear trunks only. You will be barefoot as well. Drink lots of water.