What should I expect in taking a Yoga class?

Question by Victoria: What should I expect in taking a Yoga class?
I’m going to a yoga class tomorrow, for the first time!
I have the clothes to wear but do I wear them there or change when I get there?
Do I need certain shoes?
It’s also called a “hot” yoga class!
Anything I need to know about yoga?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! 🙂
Also how many times a week should I go for it to be an effective workout?

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Answer by Natalie Fleming
Yoga is really fun. It doesnt matter if you wear your clothes there. All yoga is barefoot since you will be on a yoga matt. Hot yoga is from 85 to 105 degrees. Make sure you drink at leat 50 ounces of water before the class. You will be sweating a lot. Bring a towel and waterbottle. Yoga is great for your health since it makes you flexible. It also relieves stress since there is lots of controlled breathing. It is good for your mental health since it teaches you how to meditate.
Just show up on time and expect to be a little sore. Most teachers let you leave if you want to.

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