What qualifications do you need to become a children’s yoga instructor?

Question by Lia: What qualifications do you need to become a children’s yoga instructor?
Do you need a certification to be a yoga teacher? Is there anything specific to teach children’s yoga?

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Answer by La Finita
You could make up a manual. You’ll want it to be short, or you could conceive of mommy and me yoga. Then, you learn a routine and how to talk to children, and a teaching certificate in early childhood education would help. Then, you take out a loan and open a store front. Then, you decorate it. Then, you set up a schedule, and then, advertise. You have a lawyer help with contracts, as you want money to pay all the bills, like staff, loan, taxes, overhead, etc. Then, you need a blanket insurance policy. Oh, and you’ll want to be incorporated to protect you from liability. As this is an open field, you just need your mind to come up with it and you would want to do some market research. Regarding children, mainly keep them interested with an enthusiastic voice, and don’t make it too hard as you could hurt them, like nothing on the neck, and don’t touch them, for they tend to lie. And have a place where they change that is private, and don’t go there, same reason. For what to teach, get a neighbor’s kid and go to someone else’s class and see the drill. A certification is nice, but I doubt there is one for children. A resume with past experience might be asked for, like if you are young, the mothers will mention that you look too young, and you need an answer for that and a way of behaving and not losing your temper, and a way of motivating the children. Lots of dealing with children usually comes from working in the school system and in taking advanced classes on behavior management. It won’t be like dance mom where you can holler at everyone and act like a crazy person. Also, you have to watch carefully, for the darlings might trip one another inadvertently. Get that respect thing going like they do with martial arts. Have a rule about lateness. The door is locked at X time, so there aren’t interruptions, and have a plan about the mothers who come late for their precious ones.

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