What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

Question by Drew :]: What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?
I want to become more flexible and fit! People tell me I should start Yoga if I want that, and people tell me I should start Pilates if I want that… Can you please tell me what the difference is between Yoga and Pilates please? What one would be better for me to take, and would they take a 12 year old? Thanks!
Can you please tell me what one would be better for flexibilty?

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Yoga does more stretching and it goes slower. I guess that’s the only difference

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  1. Yoga is mental discipline as much as it is exercise…. as far as I can tell, Pilates is just rolling around on big beach-balls and yanking giant rubber bands…. Solution?? Weight-Room!!

  2. Yoga is using body for spiritual enhancement with physical stress release
    Pilate’s is body for physical emphasis

  3. Yoga seems more spiritual and mental, while pilates seems to be the more physical of the two.

  4. Pilates and Yoga are similar in that they are exercise programs which emphasize toning the body and flexibility. Yoga emphasized toning the entire body and has more emphasis on flexibility than pilates. There are many types of yoga. Each has a different emphasis. Hatha yoga is the most common yoga type. It consists of slow and gentle stretching. Power yoga focuses on going through a series of movements, without stopping. It also can have some aerobic benefits. Birkram yoga focuses on doing yoga in a hot room. This help a person get deeper into poses than otherwise. And these are just three of the many types of yoga available

    Pilates focuses on toning the core and improving posture, and some improvement in flexibility. There are both mat and reformer pilates classes. Mat pilates classes are great for beginners, while reformer pilates classes allow one to have much more resistance in the exercises than just your body weight.

    If you don’t know which one to pick, try a yogalates class. These classes combine the best of Pilates and Yoga into a single class.

    Any of the classes would be fine for a 12 year old.

  5. Yoga is a relligion. In the west, the “positions” that represent different aspects of prayer were stripped of their religious meanings for the most part and the positions were touted as beneficial relaxation/exercise techniques that balance the “chakras” or “chi” (pronounced – CHEE) which is the supposed energy center of the human body.

    Pilates is an exercise regimen that uses a specific machine created by Mr. Pilates to achieve maximum health benefits by performing specific exercises with the least amount of exertion.