What is the best yoga routine and workout routine?

Question by Allison: What is the best yoga routine and workout routine?
Ok I am thirteen, 5 ft 4 in, and 130 pounds. And I want to lose 30 pounds and my family says I am perfect weight but they are wrong so I want to start doing yoga then doing some workout like insanity or something then doing yoga again for about an hour a day so any suggestions on what workout I should do

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Answer by Sarah
p90x yoga workout:


u should also do running its the best for cardio

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  1. Actually you need to start with cardio! I don’t think you need to lose 30lbs especially by you only being only 13, but I wouldn’t suggest Insanity or even P90x. I would suggest 10 minute trainer! If you are looking for something cheaper I would go with The FIRM – TARGET TONING ZERO-IN-TEN (DVD). It is very similar to 10 minute trainer and way cheaper. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230827623702 There is six 10 minute workouts. I think it might be a warm-up also.

  2. Power Yoga is one of the best forms of yoga in my opinion. You get strength, flexibility, some cardio (heart rate increases), and you definitely get a sweat.

    There’s isn’t too many really good power yoga videos out there, but check out the power yoga videos from Mark Gonzales. His style is very unique, has a great flow, incorporates your whole body/breath and his videos are great quality/easy to watch and follow along.

    If anyone has others they can recommend, I’d like to hear them too!