What is the best type of exercise routine?

issue by ♥ They call me mom ♥ : What is the best type of exercise routine I took yoga classes before and really liked it. I was wondering if Pilates. Pilates are as good / better / worse than yoga? I’m losing weight, but close my abs, arms, legs and everywhere else you can think Best answer:.

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swimming regularly.

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  1. It depends on the person. I lost a lot of weight w / kickboxing classes. The system now also rwally good. http://www.firmdirect.com Turbo Jam is good too …

  2. Keep up with yoga if you like atleast you feel comfortable and try some pilates on the side and see if there like that too. When you say it is better or worse than you mean to burn more calories? probably cause pilates wins, someone suggested that swimming would be my preference.

  3. There are a lot of things to get in shape than most will admit. Diet is a big part of fitness and being active regularly. You want to make sure you do not over do it when start exercising. I highly recommend buying the book by Paul Chek on “how to eat, move and be healthy!” It takes as its next level. There are over 4000 diet books out there and that there are only 6 or more are simply responding to individual needs. Though we are all humans, there are differences that really do matter when it comes to the food we eat. Consult Dr. Mercola and find out what your metabolic type is. This is not an easy path to a healthy lifestyle, but if you get into a good routine and stick with it, you will go far and live a much happier life.

  4. I understand that a person with spinal problems or other physical problems should take up yoga pilates, pilates need for an instructor or trainer to teach you the movements and also warn you about the position you can étirer.Il will start with pilates Matworks then gradually moves towards équipements.Je never tried Pilates, but I know that today there is a special class that combines yoga and pilates – Yogalates. Maybe you can check where you live, if there is such classe.J ‘ve personally, it is also a person of yoga. I could never get into the gym equipment I have back problems that prevent me from going to the gym. Therefore, I can only stick to Yoga Therapy & Hot Yoga and swimming occasionnels.Pour arms maybe you can try to exercise with dumbbells, abs some sit-ups or leg lifts, the some leg exercises treadmill or vélo.En any case, I think people 2 people have the same results even if they stick to the same exercise routine. So everyone has to find his own special exercise unique.Heureux exercise routine!

  5. Pilates is great! I highly recommend Stott Pilates. I started with Firm & Fit (this is the level 2 of a four-level system, but it has many many other Pilates DVDs to choose from on the site). Do not Winsor Pilates because even if at first it is good, once you are familiar with the moves you’re really annoyed at how she talks between exercises. but to lose weight, you have to integrate some kind of cardio such as walking, because Pilates is for toning.