What is the best routine for a new yoga student?

Question by John C: What is the best routine for a new yoga student?
I see all kinds of variations out there – hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga-pilates, power yoga – seriously – there’s so much variety – I just want a good starting point for someone who’s brand new to yoga? If I get in over my head I know I’ll just quit.

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Answer by Digital_shubhi
Well, you don’t need to do much yoga in the starting.
Start slowly and do it daily for around 30 minutes.
That would be good for your health.
You can start with vinyasa yoga.

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  1. Hi! Here’s a good article on finding free yoga classes online – this would be a great way to try yoga at home –

    How to Find Free Yoga Classes Online

  2. I would do one of two things – find a local yoga studio, the closer to your home the better – all the styles have something going for them – the best thing is to just start with one.

    Hatha is easier on the body for a beginner and Power more challenging if you are not in good shape.

    Vinyassa is also good for a beginner.

    sign up for a beginners yoga class series or go to one of the beginners yoga classes. The contact with the teacher and the other students will be good motivation. That is how i started and it got me really interested. Also you can make friends in the class.

    You may also want a DVD to start with if there are no classes near by.

    A begginers yoga DVD review site is http://bestyogadvd.net/

    Good luck