What is a good workout routine for free?

Question by Brittani: What is a good workout routine for free?
I’m looking for a great workout routine for free. Videos online via YouTube would be great. Any suggestions?
I’m just starting out…if this helps any!!!
(P.S. – A yoga routine would be awesome too.)

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Answer by Zeus
start wid morning walk. then start doing jogging. yoga is also gr8. u can also do some aerobics too:)

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  1. I would look at Bodybuilder.com yeah i know you are like “OMG bodybuilding?!” but no worries they havea TON of free work outs(for women too) that are not all crazy intense and are used to just get your body in shape. Plus its just an all around great site for motivation, videos, and diet/fitness tips.

    hope that helps