What foods should I eat / avoid before taking a HOT yoga class?

Question by Amy: What foods should I eat / avoid before taking a HOT yoga class?
My first hot yoga class is tonight, and I’m not sure what to expect. All I know is that the room is set to 100 degrees, we do yoga, and the class lasts an hour. I am NOT the athletic type and I’m nervous that the heat will be overwhelming. So that I don’t pass out, I’m wondering what I should and should not eat today – besides the obvious: drink lots of water.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Answer by yomama
don’t worry about being non-athletic. I am quite athletic and hot (actually I took Bikram) was very tough for me. The room was ~105 and my classes were 1.5 hrs (so worse than yours) but the difficult part (besides the heat) is all the different poses. I am fairly flexible for a guy but the balance while contorting body parts was hard.
Don’t be nervous…they are kind to beginners and the only real requirement is that you stay in the room the whole time and are quiet.
You already got the drinking lots of water prior…don’t forget to go to the bathroom b4 and bring a water bottle filled with cold water AND ice. As far as eating…just eat something light and nutritious like a whey protein shake or chicken and veggies

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