What do I need to take to yoga class? Reviews

Question by Mom to the King and Captain: What do I need to take to yoga class?
I signed up to take a beginners yoga class and just want to know what I need in terms of clothing (what is the best type of clothing to wear) and besides a mat, if there is anything else I need? Thanks.

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Answer by Emily
A yoga block will be useful for the first time, and a strap to help connect onto your feet when you bend forward. You should wear a tank top with a sports bra and tight(er) sweatpants…tighter material.

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  1. Wear tight clothing or at the very least a tight top. Loose tops fall in your face when you do foreward bends and get annoying very fast. Depending on the postures you do, shorts are sometimes better than pants but I usually wear full length or cropped yoga pants.

    Bring a bottle of water and any yoga props you have (foam blocks or a strap). They aren’t mandatory but they can help you stretch into certain positions easier and deepen other stretches. If you don’t have either of those and don’t want to buy them try to find a small towel, like a hand towel, to use instead.

    Other than that, make sure you’re really warmed up and prepare yourself for sore muscles after the first few classes!