What are your tips to teach myself to exersize?

Question by Marbear: What are your tips to teach myself to exersize?
I’m fifteen years old and 5’5 tall and 110 pounds. However, I DON’T exercise at ALL. What are your tips to get myself into the habit?

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Answer by AppleButter
keep it sensible and enjoyable!

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  1. 1. Don’t start out with the intention of become an olympiad. Ease into it so that you stick with it longer.
    2. Each week, pick what days you plan to work out and then decide what time (before school? After school, etc).
    3. Try different activities and then if you find one you like, keep going (eg. running, biking, yoga, dance class, elyptical etc.)

    After doing it for a few weeks, you will fall into a routine and you just might find that you enjoy it and look forward to it. Personally, I use Shape Magazine to help me stay motivated. They have a lot of great work out ideas and motivating stories.

    Good luck!

  2. Find something you like to do. Some people like running, some biking, or lifting weights. Take a look at gyms in your area and see if there are any classes you’d be interested.

    Personally, I HATE running, but I like dance/aerobic classes and biking. This gets a good cardio workout in and I enjoy doing it. If you might like lifting weights take advantage of the free personal training session that comes with a new gym membership. They’ll just teach you how to use all the equipment so you have at least a general idea.

  3. when you exercise listen to music that you like
    it makes it a little more fun start out by running 20mins
    every other day on a treadmill if you don’t have one than do a couple
    miles every week a mile would be 3 laps on a track its not easy but you’ll
    get use to it if you do increase the miles or laps you do stay hydrated & drink
    lots of water too (:

  4. Walking is exercise. Playing sports is exercise. As you walk as you shop is exercise.Do some stretching each day for your uncomfortable muscles you have is exercise. Get on a bike or stationary bike for a half hour or so.good luck eat healthy and drink lots of water.