What are your best tips to lose weight?

issue Purple : What are your best tips for weight loss I am trying to lose weight?. I consulted my doc and have a diet and exercise. I’m not looking for miracles as I know it’s a job I difficult.But for more information. How do you keep your motivation? What helped you lose weight? What was your strategy Best answer:

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  1. I look at the plan as a way to help myself and not as a way to become more and more to others. It helps me to want me motivated. In addition, monitor your progress – it really motivates me to the end of a hard semaine.Bonne luck! =)

  2. Losing weight requires course planning, dedication, positive thinking and putting increasingly important realistic for you to même.Quant objective advice, my advice is, you need to refresh your current thinking, Motivation is so difficult, but more importantly, it is your thought patterns that control your yes / no attitudes and behaviors when it comes to losing poids.Il are many self help programs out of the there that can help you lose weight. Technology / methodology used is called “subliminal suggestion” is commonly used to overcome the overweight, obesity, stop drinking, stop smoking, goal setting, procrastination, problems with self-esteem, etcBonne luck with everything!

  3. im 15 and I was so overweight that I can remember .. the second half of this past school year I started to change things and I lost 39 pounds in a few months suivices things I n ‘I made a difference: One. I gave up all beverages except for water, milk and green tea (no sugar diet): green tea speeds up your metabolism and sugary drinks are only vides2 calories. I dropped most sweets (ice cream cookies cakes candy, etc..) … sugar makes you carry extra weight in your estomac3. if I go somewhere that is close enough to walk .. I market4. have a positive attitude about yourself .. For years I have always spoken ill of my body and out all my faults, but thinking about the things you like about yourself make you more heureux5. be happy .. it does not make much sense, but it seems that the more I’m fonctionne6 my diet. I run 2-3 miles on a treadmill three days a week. and when I can not go to the gym, believe it or not I just go a dance an hour to get my heart rate up to .7. smaller portions: when you eat a lot, it expands your stomach if you’re still hungry later.8. keep you buisy, people tend to eat because they are bored, not because they faim9. things substitution (instead of ice cream eating an apple), you will find that you crave unhealthy habit and you do things more even manquer10. eat more slowly, it makes you feel fuller vitece are just a few things that I did and they worked.

  4. You are on the right track. I started yoga (of http://www.zendle.com) as a method to lose weight. He helped me in many ways. It takes just a few minutes of my day and I look forward to it. It makes me feel fresh and positive start to the day. I also have more energy to get through the day. It is a complete form of exercise for the mind, body and soul. I lost weight and diet yoga includes a system that, when followed gives good results. Yoga is also a long-term process. Once you lose weight, and if you practice yoga regularly, it also allows you to maintain weight.