What are the specific health benefits of yoga? Reviews

Question by Daniel: What are the specific health benefits of yoga?
How can my body and mind benefit from yoga? What are some proven results? And where can I learn more about yoga? Is it best to join a yoga class?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by greengo
flexibility, core body strength, relaxing. That is about it.

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2 Responses to “What are the specific health benefits of yoga? Reviews”

  1. Well for the mentality benefits, I knew a lot of people who said yoga gave them more patience with people. As for the physical benefits, flexibility and a stronger core.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I absolutely love yoga and first got into it as a natural way to help with anxiety. It really does benefit both body and mind. I like to say its like relaxation techniques and a workout all in one.

    I have definitely noticed an improvement with my anxiety and my ability to relax more deeply. I’ve also gained strength and flexibility. Overall its made me feel great.

    It’s been around for thousands of years so there must me something to it, anyway I didn’t join a class due to my schedule I do yoga at home. There are tons of free lessons on youtube so you able to do it whenever or wherever you want. I actually bought a DVD by Tamel Dodge at walmart that I’m really enjoying and it was less than 10 bucks.

    The one thing not to cheap out on is your yoga mat. I first bought a $ 10 one and it was just to thin at least for me on the hard wood floors in my house. I ended up buying a better one about an inch thick for $ 25 and its been fantastic.

    Truly worth a try and I’ll bet you wont be disappointed.