What are some yoga routines that I can do for weight Loos?

issue by Elly : What are some yoga routines that I can do for weight Loos I’m trying to lose weight, and I really enjoy doing yoga I wondered if there were routines I could do, maybe you know you? My internet is very slow so I Cant watch videos, but if you guys give me step by step instructions and maybe some pictures, it would be so greatly appreciated, but nothing would GRET, thank you so much! Best Answer :

response Mahesh Hey check link
say four weight loss through yogahttp :/ / m.prevention.com / fitness / yoga / yoga top -poses-weight-loss

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  1. Yoga will not help you lose weight much, if at all. This is mainly flexibility and depending on the type of sometimes a little force. But it is pretty useless when it comes to fat loss … To lose fat you need to do cardio exercises. It can be anything with a lot of fast movements minimum of 30 minutes, everything that makes you move fast, rapid breathing, your heart pounding faster and make you sweat – running, brisk walking, fast dancing, swimming, cycling, jumping, tennis, football, etc, etc. .. The same goes for weight lifting and resistance in general, they do not help you lose fat, unless you combine it with cardio. ..

  2. Yoga is commonly known as a generic term for a physical discipline, mental and spiritual from India ancienne.mais Power Yoga is meilleurhttp :/ / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLKYBucXw-I

  3. Yoga can help you lose weight. I saw a guy overweight me lose weight after 6 months of extensive practice. Of the two “parts” of Hatha yoga and Raja – there is only one yoga that helps to lose weight, Hatha, because it incorporates the physical practice. Raja yoga is for mentale.Quoi growth it is, you need to do as much strength building postures for energy as you can. Ask your fellow yoga postures that they dislike the most. These are the ones you should do. Not those fancy cat / tree / mount postures. You see, the secret here is to endure a difficult exercise to push your mental and physical effort to the limit. Only in this way you will be able to standardize the systems in your body and burn fat.