What are some yoga moves that burn a lot of calories?

Question by talean4ever: What are some yoga moves that burn a lot of calories?
I am trying to lose weight, and I want to do some yoga, but I want to do some more active yoga then I do. I do plank and sunsalutes, things like that. Any suggestions? I take yoga at the Y, but what are some websites that have a few active yoga moves I could do at home, all I have is a mat.

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Answer by gwenhaven
All I have is a mat, too, and a box that is about the size of a yoga block. 🙂
A great website with FREE 1 hr classes (nothing to buy, ever!) is http://www.yogatoday.com
You can select from a choice of 7 different classes per week, and do them as many times as you like. The video is live streaming though, so you will need to be able to do yoga wherever your computer is.
Some of the workouts really do make you work up a sweat, and you might also end up a little sore afterwards, but not too sore. You will also learn to focus on your muscles and your form even more.
I love the site because it has all kinds of yoga, including kundalini, hatha, vinyasa flow and ashtanga.
If you really want to burn calories while doing yoga and can afford to take some hot yoga classes, that’s the way to go. The room temperature is cranked up to about 110 degrees (which sounds hotter than it feels) and you do Bikram or a modified Bikram set for an hour and a half. It is awesome for burning calories, and the heat helps you go much more deeply into the poses, and you end up less sore afterwards.

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