What are some tips and advice to help lose weight?

Question by Maddie: What are some tips and advice to help lose weight?
I get that exercising is best and blah blah blah. I just want some tips and fun facts on how to lose weight. I also wouldn’t mind some ideas on how to lose weight besides dieting and exercise. I want helpful tips and tricks and things I might not know. I am 13 and overweight. I’m not one of those skinny stupids who say they are fat but aren’t. I am fat and i would just like to lose some weight. Not like 100 pounds. just like 15 or 25. Thanx.

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Answer by Alice
Hey, i know how you feel i’m thirteen too and and a bit overweight, i’m trying too loose some, here are my tips:
– We dont do much sport at school and there arent much places for me to do exersise, so everyday when i have time i do some gymnastics/ yoga, i just look how to do it on the internet, its very fun
– I’ve started having fruit for breakfast, so far grapefruit has helped me MASSIVLEY, ive actually lost alot more since ive been eating it every other day for breakfast
-Dont have any snacks inbetween meals
-Try to cut down on fizzy drinks
– don’t go out and by sweets or crisps from the shops

so far this has helped me, i hope it helps you, good luck 🙂

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