What are some helpful tips for going on a cruise?

Question by Xx_aLLtimELoWLUvEr_xX: What are some helpful tips for going on a cruise?
my family is going a cruise [yay] and it’s our first time going on a cruise. so we have no idea what the hell we r doing….
so plz give me some helpful tips!!!
and also my dad has motion sickness (especially on boats) so what should we do?

PLZ ANSWER!! thnks!

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hi.we do cruise for a business.first remember to bring motion sickness pills just in case some of you get drowsy. just enjoy the trip you don’t need to learn from us…you need to experience to enjoy the cruise !

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  1. – the ships so stable it doesn’t even feel like your on the boat.
    trust me, my mom and i both get motion sickness and i felt great the whole time.

    – if you do get sick, don’t tell the cruise people unless its serious, a lot of times they make you stay in your room to prevant your illness from spreading to other passengers on the cruise. they’ve done this many times and it happens more often then most people think. you don’t get your money back for the day youve missed while you had to stay in your room

    – if you lose your room card which is often an accont card you don’t need to worry just go to the front desk and cancel it. they’ll then show you the list of things bought on the card, if any of the are not things you bought. they cancel it.

    thats about it.
    cruises are so much fun. im going on one next week
    have fun on your!

  2. i recently went on a carnival cruise (ms holiday was the name of the ship) the first part of june.
    it was the best time ever.
    for clothes i suggest:
    mainly comfy: teeshirts and shorts for the daytime.
    and at night you have the choice of eating in the dining area which is quite fancy.
    bring some dresses or skirts. or perhaps nice tops and dress pants. with dressy shoes.
    so you need to pack really comfy clothes and really dressy clothes. no need for in between.

    there is lots of laying out and swimming. obviously.

    if you are over 18, there are casinos and lounges.
    the lounges open late, so bring appropriate clothes if you are interested in those activities.

    the rooms are quite small, but you don’t spend much time in them anyway. one queen size bed, and two twin beds that fold out from the wall.

    food is available literally 24/7.
    the pizza place is always open. and you can order room service free of charge. all the food is included in the price you paid for the cruise.

    the only things that cost are soft drinks/alcoholic beverages/ smoothies/ etc.
    and gambling/bingo/stuff in the gifts shops.
    and the spa. and most activities in the gym. such as pilates and yoga.

    no need to carry cash around on board because they give you a sail and sign card, which is like a credit card. you use it however much you want and you pay once the cruise is done.

    on my cruise we had two destinations in mexico.
    progresso and cozumel. we spend about 9 hrs in each destination. bring cash for that. and comfy shoes.
    you can snorkel, shop, relax, whatever.

    my mom got motion sickness on the 2nd night and she got pretty sick. but room service brought her medicine and she felt better. i suggest going to your doctor and getting motion sickness patches you put behind your ear. or pills. the ms holiday that i went on was carnival’s smallest ship, but it was still huge. the smaller the ship, the more motion you will feel.

    there are shows at night. comedy, dancing, karaoke, music, talent shows, etc….
    they are really fun. if you have a talent, practice now, and you can enter in the talent show. again, this is carnival cruise. i don’t know about the others.

    but the most important thing is packing clothes wisely. dining is really fancy. there is a laundry mat on board so no need to worry about bringing irons or whatever. there is a dress code in the dining area. but you can always not go there at night, and chose to eat at the buffet instead.

    more than like you and your family will gain some weight. i know mine did! haha.
    have fun. it was one of the greatest vacations of my life.

  3. Ok… Been on 6 cruises myself. First of all pack way more clothes than you think you’ll need. On my first four day cruise, I packed for 4 days, and ran out of clothes in the first two… Don’t know how it works, but you run out of clothes way faster on a ship. Second, if you easily get queasy, make sure to bring along some sea/air/car-sickness medicine. Trust me–even the best ships can rock on stormy seas, and puking on vacation isn’t fun. If your ship has a pool, which almost all do, pack more than one bathing suite. They fill the pools with salt water, so after one use of your swimming trunks, they stink, and get hard so it’s *uncomfortable* to wear them. Third, obviously, don’t bring anything stupid–they check all of your luggage. Guns, knives, drugs–not a good idea. If you’re looking to bring alcohol, and are planning to bring a wine cork opener, make sure it doesn’t have one of those tiny knives in it. They took that from me. Last, you don’t need to take any food, or any form of entertainment (other than for a plane ride there). The ship has free buffet 24-7, and 1,000 things do at the same time. If you’re getting off at some stops, be sure to bring a camera (preferably waterproof), because cruise lines don’t stop at a place that doesn’t have a great view.

  4. bring you own anti-diarrheal (immodium) they dont sell it on the ship, you have to go and visit the ships doctor…. i was put in quarantine for 24 hours i couldn’t leave my room. thank god is was a “fun day at sea”

    dont bring your own soap and shanpoo, the room has them already. ( but my and the bf both have short hair, so not too sure about the conditioner)

    have fun. do the formal night. try food you normally wouldn’t try. you will enjoy it immensely

  5. Bring dad motion sickness pills.

    Snorkel gear (a set for each person, flippers not included, just a mask and snorkel). It’s the best thing to do in the Caribbean ocean, and will save you a bundle of money in rental equipment.

    A throw-a-way underwater camera, and a regular camera.

    Ask for a “bag lunch” before you leave the ship for a trip to the beach. Ask the day before or early in the morning.

    Pack as many bathing suits as possible, and sun tan lotion, sun glasses, but they’ll provide a towel even though we brought our own.

    Your cell phone because it will probably work while you’re so far away from home.

    Some nice clothes. Some casual clothes. Nice sandals and beach flip flops.

    And a good book or some of your favorite things.

    Have fun!

  6. vikescheerleader January 11, 2014 at 9:17 am

    just have fun! you can swim in the pool, eat a lot of food, watch entertaining shows, and get off the ship at the different stops. have fun =]]