What are great yoga poses for a beginner to try?”?

Question by takemyheart: What are great yoga poses for a beginner to try?”?
I’m going to start doing yoga everyday. I saw a few yoga poses in Seventeen magazine. I was just wondering if there are any that will help with flexibility for cheerleading and tone my stomach. I’m a beginner and I’m pretty flexible. So anything will work. Thank you.

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im learning how to do a split you should too

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  1. There’s the downward dog. It’s when you put your face in between your thighs and you stick your tongue and try lick your butt hairs.
    🙂 good luck.

  2. Iguanas are eloping In my bedroom September 25, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Yes, for cheerleading, dance stretches should help. Try stretching in the splits (left and right) and a middle split. Look on the internet for the right way to do a split so you don’t hurt yourself, especially if you aren’t a dancer. And also concentrate on learning the right way to do a middle split. It may seem easy, but doing it right is obviously better for you and your muscles.
    Institute a strengthening exercise routine, and here are some examples for things to include in it:
    Sit ups (helpful for toning your stomach in a cute cheerleader’s outfit!)
    Running/Jogging (Never hurts, right?)
    Yoga (see below)
    Stretching (Splits, and stretch-yoga {relaxing stretching while inhaling and infused with yoga poses})
    Leg exercises, Lift weights for arms, etc. (Search the internet for things that suit you!)
    A great yoga site is here:
    I hope you really enjoy it. I like it.

    And keep in mind that as you get more dance-flexible and better at yoga, the more fun it will be to stretch and do yoga. So keep stretching and practicing, and exercise and tone, and enjoy the new you!
    I hope I helped! Good luck! (:

  3. I do yoga all the time and i know a few yoga poses you can try such as:

    Tree- Have your feet planted into the floor and focus on one spot while gradually lifting your left leg up to your knee, Find your focus and once your stable put your hands into prayer position (hands together, pointed up). Slowly lift you hands up over you head as if you were a tree. Remember, focus. Its okay if you lose your place just try it again. Don’t forget to do the other side!

    Cat- This pose works on your core, your arms, and your back. Start on all fours with your back straight. Then dip down and come up like if you were trying to look behind you. Your back should be arched and you legs should be straight and loose. The longer you hold the more you feel it in your stomach and your arms.

    Pigeon- Sit on the floor with one leg folded close to your body. Your leg should look folded while your other leg is straight. now flip your whole body onto that bent leg. Like you are sitting on it. Your whole front body should be held up by that leg and the other leg stretched out behind you. Bend that leg upward, grab it and pull it as close to your body as you can. Do this for about 20 seconds, then switch sides.
    These are just a few poses, but im pretty sure you can look more up on youtube…Hope this all helped 🙂