Video: Texas Lady teaches you to Yoga in a New York taxi

Video: Texas Lady teaches you to Yoga in a NYC taxi … teaches us in his series “Yoga 360” riveting video. We know that Mayor Bloomberg says that you should make the city your gym, but this is ridiculous. Get your feet headrest taxi! It is not that Lori advice on staying in shape and shop, shop, shopping … Read more on Jobs in November health tips Focus on mindful eating Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., a national leader in health and well-being, now offers regular health tips in its monthly bulletin, life Dahn Yoga. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching, the November 2012 version of the newsletter … Learn more about (press release)
Stress and Anxiety Management advice 2 by the famous trainer Subodh Gupta Summary: The author and celebrity yoga trainer Subodh Gupta explains how to manage stress and anxiety and live a healthy life. Subodh Gupta. It is a law of nature whatsoever, we focus our mind develops. So if we continue to focus our minds on the problems … Read more on

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