The Spry Yoga Bible

The Spry Yoga Bible
There are so many different types of yoga, it seems, that it can be somewhat daunting to figure out which type serves what need. Because of that, we have put together this comprehensive yoga bible to help you learn how each of the most popular types of …
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Calendar of Events
Come learn about the different types of spiders that call North Carolina home and find out if your fear is really founded. Meet at the Elk Knob State Park … This class is appropriate for beginners, as well as experienced yoga students. The instructor …
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Brain Games And Other Gifts That Will Keep Your Brain In Top Shape
“I'm often asked by folks … what are the ways they can get more brain healthy, so this year we decided to do a list of ideas of different kinds of gifts that would make a brain health difference,” Green said. “People are very interested in brain …
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