The Biggest Loser Challenge

The Biggest Loser Challenge

The Biggest Loser Challenge

Players can enter personal information such as age, height, weight and amount of regular exercise to calculate a score that indicates their level of fitness and current health

  • Players can choose to workout controller-free to focus more on the program
  • Players can track their progress by the timing of the game, which displays a recommended routine, challenges and nutrition for that day
  • players will provided encouragement and given tips from trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels
  • Players can choose to train with the Wii Balance Board, stability ball or resistance bands for a more intense program
  • A major video game interactive health and fitness is back with The Biggest Loser Challenge. players looking to lose weight or maintain will now be able to enjoy more than 125 exercise movements in four different environments. The Biggest Loser Challenge is an exercise simulation game for Wii based on the popular television series The Biggest Loser. The second The Biggest Loser video game released for the Wii, The Biggest Loser Challenge is designed to grow with the player ‘

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    1. Nutwiisystem.Com July 31, 2013 at 3:51 am
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      A must-have for fans of the TV show looking to lose a little weight November 16, 2010
      Nutwiisystem.Com (New York, NY USA) –

      This review is from: The Biggest Loser Challenge (Video Game)

      One of the nice things about video games is that they allow you to discover things that you could not otherwise. Most of us will never fly in space or down a major league pitcher to throw 99 MPH. Similarly, most of us will never be invited to the real Biggest Loser Ranch for personal training sessions with Bob and Jillian. But this title Fitness Wii is remarkably close.
      landscape in the game should be familiar with someone who has seen the TV show. The home screen is an outside shot of The Biggest Loser Ranch, and throughout the game you will see familiar contexts, from the gym to the ring where they are challenges.
      When you start the game you are prompted to create . a new profile you enter your name and if you have a balance board your weight is displayed (note: unlike other exercise Wii games, it does not hide your weight, if someone in the room can see it).

      After that, you can allow the program to choose a custom program for you. This is where things get very neat. The first step is for you to spend by a 30 minute “fitness test.” This will essentially runs through a series of different exercises to 5 levels (light, moderate, hard, hard and intense.) You perform the exercises as best you can. The system uses the Wii and / or remote Balance Board to check if you do the exercises.
      At the point where you can not do more, the system automatically stops the test and recommend this level for you. J ‘I really liked that the levels were really accurate -. “difficult” really meant challenge, and “intense” meant really intense for me, when I came to the difficult levels, I was out of breath and transpiration.
      Once you have a set of intensity levels, you enter your gender and date of birth. then you go to the “Monitor body.” This is where you check your weight, then enter your height, neck size, the size of the chest and hip size. You then select your target weight.
      Finally, you are ready to set up your routine. You select the length of time you are able to work each day (less than 20 minutes to over an hour) and then choose your trainer. Unlike the previous incarnation of this game, you can choose Bob, Jillian, or two.
      They will take you through a sample workout session. It basically consists of different routines, mainly representatives of different exercises each a minute or two in length. You basically have to follow image on the screen of Bob or Jillian as if looking in the mirror. A countdown indicates the time remaining for each exercise. A nice touch is that you see a character in the background which is the form the body and the exact size that you entered before (I prefer the first game, where you had to choose a former candidate to be your character on screen)

      Once you finished the workout sample, you can decide how many times a week you want to work (ranging from 2 to 6 days), then the duration of your fitness program (4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks). Optionally, you can enable the monitoring of calories, so you can enter the number of calories you consume each day.
      The first time you start your exercise routine, a new “task of health and lifestyle “appears on your calendar. This is where you can customize the character on the screen to look like you. You can adjust its Ethicity, age, baseline weight, and even modify features such as eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, lips and jaw. You probably will not get exactly looking like you, but you will definitely get “close enough”. It’s great to see yourself in the world of The Biggest Loser.
      After that, you are ready to begin your regular workout. A calendar will show you the next workouts that are programmed. Workouts range of basic exercises to train specialized circuit workouts like “box fit” or yoga. Occasionally there will be a challenge game. You will also have regular weighing, as on the show, which will use the Wii Balance Board to measure your weight.
      training exercises are essentially core, calisthenic, boxing and yoga exercises. There are many more exercises available from the first game (I counted 117). They range from puppets to jump rope boxing to lunges and twists. This is a very comprehensive set of exercises
      games challenge is based on the challenges shown on TV:.. Slipstream, Boom or Bust, Light Cycles, Sprint and Slide, and Punch Clock As in the first game, you’re not doing the actual movement of your character on the screen, but you do an exercise routine after a small picture of Bob and Jillian. Specifically you exercise, the more your character on the screen happens to the activity. As the television, you go through turns of the competition. This is a fun way to add some variety to your workouts.
      your … Read more

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      More like the show, but not like the old one. November 9, 2010
      Amazon Verified Purchase ( What is )
      This review is from: The Biggest Loser Challenge (Video Game)

      This version is much like the first. Some of these words, but a little updated so they are not so repetitive. I love that you can have both Jillian and Bob, it’s nice to have workouts with both. I was a bit put off by the fact that the game is not able to play without the controller in hand. The music is not as repetitive or. The graphics are much better and you can add your own buttons to make your avatar look like you. You have a new set of recipes, tips and videos. There is a wide assortment of exercise routines that you can choose, decide what you want to do with your period (your buns, thighs, etc.. Whatever your target area is … you can do just as yoga . It keeps track of your total calories, the days of the year, the entry of food and many others. It also tells you how you need to workout to lose by your schedule. Overall J ‘ love this game and I have faithfully used since his arrival. Would recommend to anyone who wants a program that can definitely help in weight loss.
      In a few weeks, I will update on the progress I in the game because there is so much more to win this game, and I’m excited to see the many programs. I can feel the burn in my body so there must be something.
      * Updated *
      OK it was a bit weeks down …. and honestly the game itself is awesome I love it .. But programmers seem to have rushed things a little there are many problems in the line states are not aligned accordingly (eg when you win the weigh he also said that you did not do so well and are ready for disposal, some of the exercises they tell you to rest in the middle of jogging? .. And there are many more) It does not seem to pick up movement, just bite being yelled at when you work … Something just does not add here guys . I am very disappointed with this game and I will return. It would be nice for the company to update the game and send us a copy of everything on the house since we had so much trouble with this version!

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      Before you start November 17, 2010
      CarolinaStar (North Carolina) –

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      This review is from: The Biggest Loser Challenge (Video Game)

      I played the game for the first time this morning. A few things before you start.
      (1) If you have a hard floor (like mine is hard wood with a carpet center ), you’ll need a good yoga mat since you’re on the floor on your knees in a few movements
      (2) Take your measurements before hand.. neck, chest, waist, hips You will enter these after your aptitude test. It allows you to enter integers so you have to round.

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