The Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance

A Special Yoga Move
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Special is correct. It’s called the over exposed "slightly" photoshopped image of me in a sweater for which I’m not sweating in.

The Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance
“I can still make some moves.” Mr. Fagan's technically demanding work requires dancers to have a strong core from which to spring effortlessly into fast turns or remain serene in grueling balances. The contrast between stillness and speed, a hallmark …
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Less pain, more gain
By adding her physical therapist's suggestions to her already lengthy repertoire of back and neck exercises from her Pilates and yoga training, Allen realized she had more than a recovery plan for herself. She had “Neck & Back First Aid,” a new class …
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Latest Sesame Street Live production introduces new character to lovable cast
Grover has a long to-do list for his friend, from kayaking to hot yoga, but Chamki is busy enjoying cookies with Cookie Monster, singing with Abby Cadabby, and doing “The Elmo Slide.” Maybe an … “We go out into the audience and teach them some moves.
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Yoga accessible for the blind with new Microsoft Kinect-based program (w/ Video)
The program, called Eyes-Free Yoga, uses Microsoft Kinect software to track body movements and offer auditory feedback in real time for six yoga poses, including Warrior I and II, Tree and Chair poses. Rector and her collaborators published their …
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