Simple yoga routine in the morning

morning routine simple yoga awaken your body and mind! It touches on all the major joints in the human body: hips, shoulders and spine. Are you excited for the whole journéeNote Video: 4/5

Try any routine reads the am to wake up your body and make you enter a space large head and inspiration for the day! Have fun! Video Rating: 4/5

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  1. you can do yoga every time. (:

  2. My father and I used this routine this morning, and we enjoyed it. Some suggestions to make your videos even better in the future, 1: subtitles need help 2: It would be great if you could record the video and audio separately and then edit them together. 3: the practice must end with a short meditation. Just sit back and then putting their hands to heart. You quickly ran and I had to tell my dad, wait! The practice of yoga should be completed smoothly and happily. Loved ur moves.

  3. you do not happen to be one do u ~! 🙂

  4. I use this routine all the time. Thank you 🙂

  5. FANTASTIC! I never loved a routine more! EVER!

  6. Can you make the evening a few hours before going to bed? My back and shoulders are always stiff and sore after a long day of work. Need a way to stretch out and relax at the end of the day.

  7. Two words to 0:53 to 1:27 …….. sick cat (IT LOOK UP people who do not know what it is!)

  8. Not there any kind of “rest” asanas between the two?

  9. wow. difficult, but feels great afterwards! thank you!

  10. Concentration in a beautiful worried: Excellent work, thank you Nadya!

  11. Week, this is my morning routine. Thank you!

  12. Yeah with sirens and traffic noise.

  13. Enjoy police sirens and a beautiful view.

  14. I wanted to say a big thank you for this vid – I only started doing yoga this year and worked on getting the right routine for about 6-8 months 🙂 It was a very good introduction to yoga and I can really feel the difference when I do ‘t do yoga in the morning. Thank you for a great video!

  15. It has been a while since I’ve done yoga. I love this video, a great way to start in the

  16. TheFakeEmilyDell December 29, 2012 at 5:42 am

    thank you!

  17. Germaine Appleyard December 29, 2012 at 6:04 am

    Where do you live? this is beautiful

  18. SIMPLE?

  19. She made the video to show routine.L study. Learn it, then do it all by yourself in a quiet paisible.Arrêtez to complain about where they live. Really? Not his fault there are accidents 24/7.Détendez-vous …

  20. just curious, why do you say that this is not yoga?

  21. good video, but the noise is a bit annoying. police sirens are not very relaxing.

  22. Where do you live? It is amazing place. I started doing my morning yoga routine. <3 Thank you very much.

  23. God, the sound of these cars is so powerfullll …. Do something with her before downloading a video like that!

  24. I ask all spiritual people watch his videos and 777ALAJE sends love our planet every day and do better 🙂 just trying to live and love and think it will make you happy. love and light to all

  25. StellaWeimaraner December 29, 2012 at 9:47 am

    This routine is simple but perfect for waking up in a wonderful way! Thank you Tara!

  26. Your feet are so gorgeous in this video.

  27. Hi, I just discovered your videos, as I just got interested in yoga, because I’m on a mission to improve myself. Yours are the best online! User-friendly and motivating! I am overwhelmed by how many. You’ve done hundreds, and I’m not sure which ones to pursue. I have my work cut out for me – lol – but I’ll add it ci.J have done three series Livestrong flexibility, every night. I can not wait to see my own progrès.Merci much for sharing. 🙂

  28. Great view!

  29. I love this! This is great for when I refused to get out of bed.

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  31. hi why can not I download the videos?

  32. I love how you always start to define and advance out of bed! Sometimes I just want to stay in bed and not get up haha

  33. this view is incredible

  34. I’ll try that tomorrow before school:] I’ve always been fond of upward-/downward-facing dog after waking. be nice to add one or two other sections of this

  35. I love this view .. And I want this chair!

  36. She looks amazing for someone who just woke up, lol.Et I agree – I’d like to wake up to this amazing view. 🙂

  37. this is a really beautiful place there! and thank you for yoga!

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  39. I want to wake up to the view of the ocean

  40. I do yoga every day for 30 years – I cured HERPES – lip and genital – with a non-physical yoga called immunics – I did IMMUNICS since 1993 – I have not had flu since I cured the herpes – I’ve seen people cure cancer with this-I do yoga and immunics in short bursts – THROUGHOUT THE DAY – keeps me feel good all day – me on AMI Facebook – Bayard Henry Barnes – 813-672-3419Pour lessons google IMMUNICS & CureDrive

  41. Your place looks sweet!

  42. I love the pillows on your bed!

  43. I think four people are confused. They think they are clicking on Dis-I-like

  44. It looks great, but most of the time I wake up and try to stretch when I stretch my legs I get terrible “Charlie Horse” cramps in the calf muscles. Advice? I heard that this is due to dehydration and lack of potassium, but how do I physically work? Love your vids! I follow you on Twitter 🙂

  45. It is an incredible routine wake-up! Too bad I do not have a view on a lake and forest lol

  46. I love this time of night and morning routines, I use the time of night to help me fall asleep. Can you make a video or point me to one that I can do on a plane for a long-haul flight? I fly to Europe tomorrow and I need to sleep, but I have so much trouble sleeping on planes and I’m in the car! I’ll have to go to bed around my body time to 14 hours ready to go when I arrived in the morning. What can I do my runs in airplane seat coach to encourage my body to sleep?

  47. Nice video Miss Tara. Love the view of the water.

  48. @ WhatShouldMyNameBeeTara already has one, I started to do every night …. it is great and easy to remember! search “Yoga with Tara Stiles to sleep”