Should you feel sore right after excercise?

Question by Rharbarbermarmalade: Should you feel sore right after excercise?
I just added some more difficult poses to my usual light yoga routine. Normally I don’t feel sore untill the next day- just fatigued, but it’s been ten minutes since I finished and my arms especially are sore if I move them too much too fast. Is it normal to feel sore directly after doing excercise/stretching? Or have I pushed myself too much?

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Answer by Shaun
Well you said that you “added somemore difficult poses” to your routine. Usually when your muscles aren’t bein used and then they start being worked out they, accumulate lactic acid, which causes soreness. I remember when I started benching I was sore the first couple of days but once I did it on a schedule the soreness went away. If you keep doing those difficult poses the soreness will eventually go away.

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