Should I tip yoga teacher for private lesson at spa?

Question by soho: Should I tip yoga teacher for private lesson at spa?
I know in general that yoga teachers are not tipped for private lessons. I’m going to a spa with my husband this weekend for a massage and as an extra fun activity, we’re having a 1-hour private lesson with a yoga teacher. When we pay, of course we’ll include a tip for the masseuses and it seems weird to leave out the yoga teacher. But aside from the weirdness factor, I don’t see any other reason to tip the teacher. Thoughts?
Wow I was kind of surprised to see all the responses so far are yes I should tip the teacher. I’m not looking for someone to justify me not giving a tip LOL, I haven’t decided yet, but here are some additional details: I’ve never been to this spa before but judging from their list of services, they’re a full service kind of place where they offer not only massages, but also nutrition counseling as well as variety of yoga classes in private lesson form. Nutrition counseling is another service that I would never have thought of tipping, seeing a nutritionist is like going to the doctor! Who tips their doctor?

I guess the way I see it is if someone has to put their hands on me (LOL), they should get a tip for it, e.g., facial, massage, waxing, but if someone is teaching me to do something MYSELF, e.g., yoga or any kind of exercise class, I don’t tip, although if I’m a regular client, I’ll give them a Christmas gift out of appreciation. (I guess with nutritionists, it’s like a medical ser

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Answer by rebekah
Yes, I would. Any service you receive at the spa is a tipping situation. In a private studio, the expectation is different, that would be like tipping your child’s teacher. If she doesn’t usually get tipped it’ll be a pleasant surprise!

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  1. If you pay the teacher and everyone else, why would you not tip the instructor?