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Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips Actress and photographer Kris Carr thought she had a hangover, but a Jivamukti yoga class did not provide its usual kick-ass cure. A visit to her doctor confirmed? Liver looked like Swiss cheese, “covered with cancerous tumors. She entered trench warfare (with cowboy boots into the MRI machine, no less), vowing,? Cancer needs to be renovated and I was the girl to do it! “She began writing and filming her journey, documenting her interactions with friends, doctors, alternative?? Qu

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       1.0 out of 5 stars I can see good intentions, but misses the mark for me , April 29, 2008
      qqqq (Seattle, WA) –

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      This review is from: Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips ( paperback)

      As a cancer survivor, I wanted to love this book. I like the idea of ​​a “hip” survival / inspiring guide for women. I’m so glad that Kris Carr has dealt well with a devastating diagnosis. This highlights a real strength of mind. I think the author’s heart is in the right place, but something went wrong. I did not find this book hip, or funny. It struck a chord bad for me. When I had my cancer was also 31. I did not go through a process of decision making on whether to tell my beautician my illness. I’m not afraid to have my jersey waxed. I am not a “cancervation” with my “posse”, because I was working to pay my bills and keep my health insurance. I did not attend retreats and trainings and buy hundreds of dollars worth of goods from Whole Foods to shop and make a documentary about myself. People deal with trauma and heal in different ways, and spending freely seems to have been beneficial for staff travel Kriss Carr. Each woman featured in this book speaks to its size and weight, and Kris Carr makes numerous references to its own weight and the desire to weigh less. It seems the opposite of “empowering”, and perhaps a bit hypocritical for a woman who looks (at least in the photos) radiant healthy, beautiful, elegant and very fine to continue to make references to desire for a lower weight. I find it inspiring to hear things along the lines of “I used to worry about my weight before cancer, but since I changed my diet and lifestyle, my body has changed and I am very happy with it, I feel very comfortable in my skin now “(or something like that). When I had cancer, I was more concerned about getting better than walking on the scale. I am well and healthy now, my eyes are something I pay attention to it, but noting in a book focused on the cancer seems wrong. I can not pretend to know what it’s like to have the disease than Kris Carr lives with. It seems to be something good – a lot of dust. I really respect that. I would like to know more about the diet and exercise plus the inner process, fewer digits on the scale and appearance and the things that money can buy. Perhaps focusing on what is to distract the mind, and I missed the point!

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       2.0 out of 5 stars ambivalent. , November 9, 2007
      A. Wilson (Cambridge, MA) –

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      This review is from: Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips (Paperback)

      I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago at the age of 32 at the time and I doubt aspired to guides cancer and first-person narratives that reflect my experience as a “young” person with cancer., but I do not know if this book would have helped me. Page after page of brilliant, he made cancer seem better than it really is. Crazy sexy babes beautiful cancer? I for empowerment, but cancer treatment makes you feel like absolute rubbish. I can imagine coming home from a chemo-vomit-fest at the hospital to open a book filled with beautiful, thin, made , well-coiffed women (who, of course, dashing, heroic friends and husbands who always feel better) – just feel that I can not stand. What, now I’m feeling sassy and sexy when I’m poisoned by drugs intravenously? How about a book for the rest of us, with our imperfect bodies and hairstyles and romantic partnerships with fallible human beings who do not always save the day? I appreciate the spirit of the project, but the book would have been improved with some glossy photos of these beautiful women looking and feeling like death warmed up. It’s great to have your spirits lifted, and remember that you are always ” crazy and sexy “, even if you have cancer – it’s great to refuse to be fully defined by the disease. But do not pretend that the cancer is not terrible and devastating and painful isolation and sometimes you can not feel good. Cancer is a dark, ugly. should not the paper on fancy makeup and pink ribbons. A truly empowering book embrace the ugly and the beautiful side of the experiment. I think the author had the good sense, I think the marketing department of a publishing company just got the best of it.

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    3. Gail E. Peeler "Gail Peeler 'animial lover" April 13, 2013 at 7:59 pm
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       5.0 out of 5 stars great book! , August 2, 2007

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      This review is from: Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips (Paperback)

      As a survivor of breast cancer recently, I can tell you that this book is my favorite “cancer” book. As everyone who is diagnosed with cancer, I spent hours searching the internet and reading various “what to expect” books. After all this, I can not tell you what a pleasure it was to read CrazySexyCancer!
      As a cancer survivor, we realize that by reading this book “Oh Yeah, I’ve been in this exact situation” many times. Perhaps, then, you do not see the humor in it, but reading the book Kris now! Kris offers practical advice and talk to your doctor and a nurse, playing the card of cancer, to work on your attitude, dressing and eating correctly. His style is humorous and irreverent, but with a deep understanding of someone who has watched the abyss and said, “OK, we’ll skip” I especially liked the stickies, post-it notes or, at Throughout the book, you feel like you’re really communicate directly with the author. stickie My all time favorite is the one we can all understand: “Why me?”
      My only criticism of this book is that is aimed at an audience of young women. 54 years old breast cancer survivor, I loved reading this book and I know that women of all ages would enjoy it. now, women of my age will jump on the “Fertile Hope” section, but still have a lot to read that applies to them. I’ve bought several copies to give to friends and to the fitness center in my area of ​​cancer. This book is “must have” for all shelves Cancer Center. All women, whether they had cancer or not, should thank Kris Carr for writing this book. It gives us a reason to laugh, while in the same time gives us valuable information and advice on how to cope with cancer and / or curves that life throws you, I loved this book, and in the fear of force as it faces Kris his life with cancer.

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