Q&A: yoga please?

Question by someones_cowgirl07: yoga please?
what is the best site to learn yoga moves?
if you do yoga do you like it and does it make you slinder?

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Answer by Teary-Eyed Jane
i am obsessed with yoga! I really like the site www.iyogalife.com. iyoga is also a magazine you can get at the grocery store which is helpful too! If you click on ‘how to’ on the top of the site and then click on ‘encyclopedia of poses’ you can see videos of poses. Also check out self.com and there is a workout in there from jen anistons yoga instructor. she pairs it with calisthenics for extra calorie burn.
It will make you slender, more flexible, and an all around happier you! You can do it at home whenever you want, but I recommend going to at least one class so you can learn what its about and how to do it right. I do it to music I like…nothing to calming or whatever, just fun music!

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  1. I love yoga it makes me healthy and strong.
    I go to http://www.yogajournal.com