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Question by Temp: Yoga at home?
I’m interested in doing Yoga but am a cheap ass and don’t want to pay for classes. They are expensive! Was wondering if I would get the same benefits by using a Yoga DVD at home. What are some good ones? Thanks a bunch for any info. Oh, and also what’s with the Yoga mats? Could I just use a soft blanket or what? Thanks. One more thing–I’m a beginner at Yoga but am in good physical shape and workout throughout the week. Thanks again.

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Answer by yoginigirls
Yoga classes can be expensive but if you’re just starting out they are worth the investment. In a class you’ll have an instructor who can make sure you’re moving in a way that is safe and beneficial for your body. They’ll be able to adjust your poses and show you modifications as you start out. If you really want to start with a DVD, Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste are really well-respected instructors in the industry.

As for yoga mats, they’re important because they keep your body stable. If you use a blanket, you’ll lose stability because your hands could slip and/or the blanket could slide on the floor and you could fall. When you start getting sweaty, a good sticky mat will keep your hands and feet in place.

Even if you’re in great shape, yoga requires your body to move in ways it doesn’t normally so do try to take a class so you’ll have good instruction.

Good luck!

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