Q&A: whats the difference between pilates and yoga?

Question by oscarsbaby2000: whats the difference between pilates and yoga?
Im trying to lose some weight and maybe do a little toning at home,but am a beginner.Anyone know the difference between the two and which one would be better for at home,losing weight? Or is there a better exercise routine?

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  1. Yoga is really broad and spans from gentle stretches and meditation (not so great for weight loss) to power yoga which will work up a sweat and give you both toning and mildly increase your heart rate.

    Pilates mostly works to strengthen your “core” muscles (mostly the stomach and abdoman and torso) and also enhances strength and flexibility.

    The best way to excercise is to find something you like to do because then you will stick with it.

    Also, most weight loss experts and health experts reccommend combining cardiovascular with toning/strengthening. Like you might do low impact aerobics (or just fast walking) every other day and strength training on the other days. If you are planning to do this at home, there are a zillion videos you could use. I would recommend renting different style excercise, yoga and pilates dvds to try them out and figure out what you like before buying some really good ones.

    Personally, I do not like pilates because it seems to me like a lot of stomach crunches but I know lots of people who love it and swear by it. I always return to yoga because for me it combines stretching and strength and is super helpful in managing my stress pains. But when it comes to weight loss, I HAVE to do cardiovascular to work off the most calories.