Q&A: What are the best exersizes to burn weight fast?

Question by ibr ‘ ♥: What are the best exersizes to burn weight fast?
I really want to lose 10-15 pounds,
I’m 14 and weight about 130 pounds, 5’2
People tell me I’m small but I really feel unhealthy.
All the weight I have is spread out through my body, so I have more weight on my body than I’d like on my arms, legs, stomach, hips, sides etc.
I want to know what exersize machine I should use at the YMCA (it’s the only gym in my area), some exersizes I can do in my bedroom that my family won’t know I’m doing, and some yoga moves and stuff? I really don’t want my family bugging me about it if you catch my drift.. 😐
I’m already a vegitarian and I don’t eat a lot of dairy products, I just realized it’s all the chips and french fries I eat. So I haven’t ate either in a week, and I eat vegiburgers and vegidogs are they healthy? What are some ways to resist eating bad things?

Thanks in advance if anyone answers at this time of night 😐

Best answer:

if you can afford it get a wii fit it works

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5 Responses to “Q&A: What are the best exersizes to burn weight fast?”

  1. not that you really need to lose, BUT

    if you’re dying to…
    running, or any cardio,

    you can lose plenty of weight with interval,
    in like 5 minutes a day.

    match with healthy eating habits,
    && you’re good to go =]

  2. exercise for more than 45 minutes
    also don’t do hard but do for as long time as u can,
    in other words do areobic exercises

  3. ok i could help u on this one if u got fat through out ur body try cardio stuff like running, walking for long period of time , or jogging in place now most types of food goes to a particular place heres several types of foods u can avoid

    : fried foods such as fried chicken fries and scrambled eggs go to the front of ur body like the chest stomach or under ur arms

    : carbs like spaggetti pasta pretzals burgers hot dogs etc go to ur face neck thighs and waist

    :sugars have a horrible affect on ur teeth ur growth and kidneys like cola candy icecream chocolate etc


    :for the stomach and thighs running and jogging

    :for face, arms and abs push ups and crunches or situps

    :and for waist consistant walking running on a daily bases


    :PROTIEN DIET; baked chicken, grilled stake, tuna with olive oil and lemon(once every 2 days), and a hard boiled egg in morning and afternoon

    :VETGTABLE AND FRUIT DIET; apple in morning, tamatoes and onions with olive oil in afternoon, watermelon before u go to sleep(watermelon helps with digesting) and avacodo (once every three days)


  4. well.. first about exercising. your only 14 and your at a very normal weight for your age and i think 10-15 pounds is a lot, so i think you should go walking or walk on a treadmill. and some things you can do at home are some crunches and sit ups that will tone up your stomach. as for your arms try some push ups that’s great exercise..if you want to resist eating bad things try eating a verity of foods!!

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