Q&A: Simple yoga mat ?

Question by justanotherfreak: Simple yoga mat ?
I’m about to start practicing yoga.. What is needed for a simple/cheap yoga mat ?

Any other tips or advice ?
some type of alternative ..

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Answer by ajanderson1978
It you have a Target near you right now they have some exercise stuff in their bargan dollar area and they have some yoga mats there for $ 2.50. Otherwise if you have Freecycle in your area put in a request for a yoga mat.

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  1. I’ve practiced yoga for a very long time, and I’ve never used a mat. But then, I’ve always lived where there were rugs on the floor. If you have a rug, just lay a clean sheet down; no need for a mat.

    If you are really serious about practicing yoga, a mat is your least concern.

    Due to a serious back injury in 2006, I can no longer practice the asanas; but I still continue for the most part with the rest of the yoga regimen.

    You need an authority in the beginning to reference for guidance. If you are not going to attend a formal course for instruction, then get a good book on yoga. I can recommend two, written by a former Guru of mine:

    (1) Fundamentals of Yoga.

    (2) Yoga Sutras: the Textbook of Yoga Psychology.

    Their author is Dr. Rammuti S. Mishra, M.D.: an amazing human being. You can read his biography on the Internet.

    I would counsel you to in the beginning, focus primarily on the practice of pranayama: the breathing exercises: they are by far the most important.

    Two other suggestions, should you become truly committed: the study of Sanskrit, and another very esoteric volume: “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” by Swami Svatmarama. This ancient work delves deeply into the serpent power of Kundhalini, which you will learn about in your pursuit and practice.

    Best of luck, and take care,


  2. If you want to invest in a quality yoga mat you don’t have to break the bank. Thickness, structure, material, stickiness and price are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when looking for a yoga mat.

    1. So, figure out what you think is important for your yoga lessons.
    2. Go online and go to amazon.com
    3. Read customer reviews on good yoga mats
    4. Buy a yoga mat that suits your needs

    5. Practice Yoga! 🙂