Q&A: Is there a stretching video for beginners?

Question by : Is there a stretching video for beginners?
I have recently started an exercise routine. Im not badly out of shape but my flexibility is horrible. I’m wondering if there is a video (free) somewhere on the net (haven’t been able to find one) or at least a guide on stretching for people who’s flexibility could be called poor.

For example if I try to touch my toes my fingers reach just below my knees at maximum.

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Answer by The Stretch Coach

Take a look at The Stretching DVD from The Stretching Institute…

It contains 44 video demonstrations of unique, individual stretching exercises, for every major muscle group in your body. And there’s no yoga or Pilate’s stuff. Just good old-fashion stretching.

If you really need some free stuff, you should be able to find a few demonstrations on YouTube. Start here…

Good luck
The Stretch Coach

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