Q&A: Is it too late to get a bachelor’s in dance to become a dance teacher?

Question by Willa-mina: Is it too late to get a bachelor’s in dance to become a dance teacher?
I am moving to Columbia, SC soon, and there is a college I will be attending called USC. They have dance as a study there and I would like to follow my childhood dream of teaching dance/creating dance pieces. However, I have NOT been practicing dance my whole life, like most. I have been applying my efforts elsewhere and found that try as I may, I will never reach optimum potential as a cashier going to school with no clear direction. I have an athletic build, have always had an affinity for gymnastics and running, do cardio tapes with dance incorporated into it, and yoga. I used to make up my own routines and get my friends/family involved in them since I was about 6-8. I have always been a natural with rhythm, and find it as fulfilling as expressing myself via my primary skill, singing, since I was 3 or 4 years of age. I know my friends and strangers all say I have what it takes because I am aristocratic and stubborn and faithful, but I am just curious as to what a professional might advise as I am now turning 23 and would like to do this for the rest of my life. Any tips would be vastly appreciated. Thank you for reading!!

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Answer by mintchips49
While becoming a dance teacher does not require the skills or talents of becoming a professional dancer, you still need to know how to do what you teach. Dance isn’t something you learn in a 4 year dance program. Dance programs for dancers looking to teach, work on dance pedagogy and dance kinesiology and having strong dance training is a given. As USC requires an audition in both ballet and modern/contemporary dance to get into their program, you will not get into this program. Even lesser programs that don’t require an audition will require documented training and recommendations from your dance teachers.
This doesn’t seem to be a realistic option for a career for you. If you think you would enjoy dance, take some adult beginner ballet classes. Perhaps look to become a certified yoga teacher. You can work at a dance school teaching Yoga and spend time learning dance there if that is your passion.

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