Q&A: I need tips/encouragement for taking a yoga class.?

Question by Jayyyy: I need tips/encouragement for taking a yoga class.?
I have always wanted to try a yoga class. I am overweight and not in good shape but I hear it’s a great workout. I also have a lot of problems with stress so friends and family have been urging me to try it. I belong to 24 Hour Fitness but I am still very hesitant. What do I wear? Do I go barefoot? Are people going to be looking at me because I can’t do any of the poses? Am I going to be the biggest one in the class? Do I bring my own mat? If so, where do I buy one?

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Answer by Rare Spirit
You should wear something loose on your thighs and hips like shorts, any kind, and a T-shirt of any kind. No polos. If you become too hot you can take your shirt off. You should take off your shoes when you enter the studio. Yoga is always done barefoot. No one will look at you if you cant do any of the poses as people who do yoga are generally non-judgmental. Typically the instructor will assist your form. Yoga encourages going at your own pace and allows you to modify the poses to your ability. You will be surprised to find that you will not be the only “big” one there. You can bring your own mat, but some studios can provide you with one. You can buy one at Sports Authority and at The North Face Store. I suggest you bring a towel as you will sweat and you mat will become slippery.

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