Q&A: How can I wear a thong to gym class?

Question by AWESOME NESS: How can I wear a thong to gym class?
Before you start lecturing me, I am NOT wearing a thong to be sexy or slutty. I love wearing yoga pants and changing in front of everyone has made it impossible for me to wear yogas on gym days. I have panty lines when I wear regular briefs with yogas. Any tips? Thanks

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Answer by Taylor
haha:) i am in highschool, i love wearing yogas too! and i just wear a thong and dont care if people see my butt! i mean im not like showing it to them, i face my butt to the lockers and just pull my shirt down, and honestly i dont care if people see my butt. thongs are slutty or anything.

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  1. i’m sure you’ve noticed other girls wearing thongs when they change, its no big deal

  2. sounds not comfortable

  3. I’m a guy and I wear a thong (for men) to my workout sessions and yoga. Gives much better freedom of movement and excellent support for my junk. Girls could probably go commando tho.

  4. I dont understand, i am in a school too and when I change in front of my friends and classmates, its not problem because all of my friends use thongs, what is the problem

  5. Its just underwear…go ahead and wear the thong, they are comfy so why not!?

  6. You can wear whatever you want. In my opinion thongs are so uncomfortable. And I wear yoga pants and leggings alot. Theres many styles of panties out there that like the briefs kinds that do not show pantylines. You can try those if you are uncomfortbale with wearing a thong.